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¿Qué hace CCR sobre Casino Road?

Ubicado en el vecindario de Casino Road en South Everett, Connect Casino Road es una colaboración formada por una variedad de partes interesadas en la gran comunidad de Casino Road que trabajan juntos para alinear nuestros esfuerzos con una visión común:

para apoyar a las familias.



Through our partnerships, we strive to build a safe, supportive, and resilient community where everybody thrives and reaches their full potential.

Between our two-generational approach and restorative practices, CCR acknowledges that many families are directly or indirectly influenced by generations of oppresive systems.

Our office spaces and brand new community center, the Village on Casino Road, places us right in the heart of the community. Come visit us and see what the Village has to offer!


A safe, supportive, and resilient  community where everybody thrives and reaches their full potential.


Connect Casino Road is an inclusive, innovative, and transformative community effort coming together to create equitable opportunities for all Casino Road families.



 We believe in engaging in fair process and taking explicit, tangible steps towards manifesting these values into genuine and observable outcomes.


We believe in deconstructing the systems, beliefs, and practices that have perpetuated inequities in the Casino Road community in order to re-imagine and co-create a more just and liberated future.


We believe that working with one another in authentic, mutually beneficial relationships is essential to healing, restoring and strengthening community.


We believe Casino Road residents hold the community cultural wealth needed to successfully lead and grow this work, and the right to do so.


We believe in fostering critical self-reflection while simultaneously investing in continuous transformational learning opportunities as a means of developing the culture, relationships, and skills needed to enact long-term change.