All Families Are Ready

A CORE Collaborative
About the Team

The All Families Are Ready  Team is one of the 5 CORE (Creating Open Roads to Equity) Collaboratives  funded through the United Way of Snohomish County. Like the other collaboratives spread across the county, this team is taking a collaborative, two-generational approach to supporting Casino Road families with young children ages prenatal - 8 and shifting the systems that serve them towards more equitable approaches. 

At the heart of this model is a Family Mentor and a Family Counselor who work together to build the confidence, skills, connections, and resilience families with young children need to thrive. 

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Team Mission

The purpose of the All Families are ready for School Action Team is to engage underserved Casino Road families with young children in transformational opportunities in order to ensure those families are ready to thrive in school and beyond.

  1. Parent health and mental health are strengthened.

  2. Family is empowered and stable.

  3. Family is connected with economic, social, and/or other supports.

  4. Parent becomes more powerful learning partner and is motivated to pursue postsecondary education.

  5. Child is ready for school and takes charge of own learning.

Partner Members


Everett Community College

Mukilteo School District

Seattle Goodwill

Casa Latina

United Way of Snohomish County

Our Service Delivery Model

The All Families are Ready team uses a relationship-based model to deliver services to families. 

  1. Family comes to The Village to receive services for the adult, the child, or both and is greeted by the Family and Community Development Coordinator.

  2. If family has a young child, prenatal-age 8, coordinator assesses whether they would be a good fit for All Families Are Ready CORE Collaborative.

  3. Collaborative Coordinator meets with family and builds relationship.

  4. Together, Coordinator and family develop customized plan with goals at 3, 6, and  12 months.

  5. Coordinator connects family to Collaborative partners within Connect Casino Road and broader Snohomish County communities to help achieve goals outlined in family plan.

  6. Family expands community network to other partners, peers, and people both at The Village and in Snohomish County to ultimately build a deeper sense of community on Casino Road.

About the Team

This newly developing team is comprised of representatives from all tenants and users of The Village on Casino Road. Their purpose is to coordinate across the many different partners that use the Village, to inform decision making around The Village, and to create a supportive environment for the families we serve.

Team Mission

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Under Development!

Partner Members

Under Development!

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